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An "opt-in" list.
Come and join our friendly group for all of your PSP needs.
We offer PSP classes for all levels, Plug-Ins, Filters, Tubes, Masks, Tutorials, Tags and Tag Personalization, Artwork, Contests & Games. Artistic expression is allowed but no frontal nudity.
You need to be at least 18 yrs old to join.
Join us today for the best list on AOL\CompuServe!

(must be able to send and receive embedded images)




"Congratulations are in order...
- Be designed exceptionally well
- Be easy to navigate
- Be unoffensive
- Contain no illegal stuff
- Look good in any web browser
- Load quickly on slow connections
- Serve a purpose
- Impress me"
Steve Bores
The OFFICIAL Juggling Balls Award

"On a side note, I really did like your site. You've really
got something there! I almost wished I gave out a more
serious award because you deserve to win a serious award."
The Grand DOT

"We spent a lot of time judging your site, but it was pretty
obvious from the minute we first saw your site that you would
win. A great site you've got there."
Jim Stevens and Cathy Brokwen

"The Web 1000 Award has been hailed as one of the most
prestigious awards on the Internet. It's not an award for everyone. Nonetheless, your site impressed me very much. You are now
a Web 1000 Grand Award Winner. Congratulations!"
Stuart Thronie

"I give my award out to sites that look good, load fast,
serve a real purpose, don't yank me around with screwy site
navigation, and that don't contain anything illegal etc.
So you Win! You're site is now a Hot Site Award winner."
Garrett Morins

"Each day we scour the Internet looking for the best sites of
that day. It takes something special for us to bestow the Best
Site Of The Day Award. Today, we selected your site as our winner."
Site of The Day

"I was impressed with your sites:
- Layout
- Design
- Use of Colors
- Use of Graphics
All in all, You have a really groovin site and I'm honored
to give you my award."
Richard Soolan